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miércoles, enero 18, 2006

He conseguido que los juegos de ngage lleguen a OJ, ya me hago tortellinis yo solo, y ademas la gente del pegi me hace caso:

Dear Ramon,

Following up on the complaint that you have submitted on the PEGI.info website, we would like to inform you as follows.

The PEGI system has been designed to advise parents and educators about possible harmful elements in a game for children under the advised age. With help of the age rating symbols and content indicators on the packaging of games, PEGI is aiming to assist parents/educators in making sensible buying decisions. The PEGI ratings are being composed with the use of an extensive questionnaire, that deals with several topics, among which violence, bad language and fear. Depending on the way these topics are represented in a game, a different age rating is the final result, accompanied by a certain content indicator.

The game “Need For Speed: Most Wanted” has initially received a 3+ rating. However, based on the information that another consumer has provided, one of our PEGI testers has examined the game and has concluded that the game contains some images that might warrant a 12+ rating for Violence.

We are currently in the process of discussing our examination results with the publisher of the game to see whether there’s a possibility of altering the rating both on the packaging and in the PEGI database. We hope we have informed you sufficiently.

Kind regards,

Maroesja Samsoedien

PEGI Staff member

Adoro este planeta XDDD.

Opa Opa forever!

4 comentarios:

Banda de Murcia dijo...

YO medio me manejo con el ingles pero si lo tradujeras, quedarias de puta madre.

Nae dijo...

Juas juas. Basicamente, es que puede que cambien el pegi de un juego por una queja que formulé. Need for speed most wanted, que su +3 me parece ridiculo.

Kedume dijo...

Si no lo leo no lo creo :D

Saeba dijo...

Asi se hace y no censurando los juegos. Muy bien Nae , puestos a pedir pide que retiren el juego Torrente 3 a ver si te hacen caso XDDDD